Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress

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Dealing with Stress the Genentech Way
February 4, 2012
Joseph Neptue
Saint Leo University

Genentech is known as the founder of the biotechnology industry for over thirty years. Their services involves the use of human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines t treat patients with life threatening medical conditions. The company manufactures product in the areas of oncology, angiogenesis, apoptosis, metabolism, neuroscience, and infectious disease.

Genentech founded in 1976 by Dr. Herbert W. Boyer, a biochemist, and Robert A. Swanson, a venture capitalist has the desire to be leading Biotechnology Company and manufacturer of genetic information using human genetic to develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat people with life threatening medical conditions. They manufacture and markets biotechnology in such as areas as oncology, immunology, and disorders of tissues growth and repair.
Genentech puts a great deal of focus on being a great place to work and their employees. They offer their employees a chance to be vocal on their thoughts as well as proposing suggestions to projects that will enhance the success of their business. In effort to ensure that employees are sharing the common mission that have been established, they provided training in the areas of personal learning, professional goals, which enables them a chance in during difficult times to learn how to juggle their work lives and personal lives. They developed four programs that target employees well beings in one way or another.
Genentech which is the leading company in biotechnology is required to maintain a corporate culture that fosters creativity and innovation. They allows their researchers to publish their findings where as other companies are reluctant...

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