Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma

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Linh Ta
English 10
3rd hour

Dear Grandma,

It has been thirteen years since you passed away. I am going to be eighteen years old in this month. This year, I am going to celebrate in a place far away from home. I think of you a lot lately. I wish you could be here and join the moment I turn in eighteen but you can’t so I write this letter to talk to you. I think it will help me get out of the missing you a little bit. Since you went away, everything has changed a lot. I have lots of things to tell you about our family, about me. Are you ready for my long story?
Do you know I still remember everything in the time I had with you clearly although I was only a little girl at that time? All the memories between you and me like it have just happened yesterday. I remember we saw the moon every summer night. I remember we went out for soft meal in the afternoon every day and all the delicious meal that you cooked for me. I remember our big box of rice that you let me play with when you had to go out, and I was home alone. I remember every single thing that we did together. Grandma, you brought a wonderful childhood to me. I miss it so much.
Remember the time that I fell off from my step-father’s motorbike, my face was really bad because of crashing with the road? Until now, I still don’t understand how you could know about that when my mom hid it from you. Picking me up from my mom’s house, you were so mad with my mom and my step-father. You told them that you would never let me come and stay with them again. Do you know that I was really scared at that time? I love you, and I love my mom too. I felt so hurt when you shouted at her because of me. Then, you took me home. Every day, you helped me with my medicine. You took care of my face. Now, I have a face without any scar because of you. I didn’t say thank you for that and I felt regret. Grandma, I want to say: Thank you so much. Thank you for all your patient and caring that you did...

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