Dear John Discussed

Dear John Discussed

Dear John

True love is to give the person you love everything he or she needs to be happy. Sometimes people think that love means being with the person you love and be happy together, but many times, love means making the other person happy, even if that is not what makes you happy. In this book, John Tyree demonstrates a true example of what love really means.

Dear John is a book about the life of John Tyree. When he was a baby, John’s mother left him and his father alone. John’s father was always there for him, but he was a very quiet man whose only interest in life was collecting coins. When John reached the adolescence he stopped caring about life and school. He only lived for his friends, partying and girls, until one day, while he was sitting in the beach, John saw a marine working out. In that moment he decided to join the army.

John was stationed in Germany, and during his leaves he went home with his father. On his second leave, John went home as usual, but during those two weeks he met the girl that changed his life. Her name was Savannah Lee Curtis, who didn’t care what anyone thought about her. John and Savannah met when Savannah and her friend were walking down the pier and Savannah’s purse fell into the sea. John went into the water to save her purse, and from that moment on Savannah and John became friends. He discovered that she was very religious and that she tried to help everyone. They spent all the free time they had together and fell deeply in love with each other, until it was time for John to go back to Germany. They couldn’t wait until John finished his years in the army. John, ready to settle down with his love, was getting ready to leave when 9-11 occurred. This tragic incident obliged John to re-enlist, which helped the nation but did nothing to help his relationship. Their lengthy separation causes Savannah to fall in love with someone else. Shortly after, John receives that letter which broke his heart and...

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