Dear Journal

Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

I’m starting to get used to Canada. My condition now is so much better

than before. I Richard Pierpoint is now a free black man. I was born in Africa,

when I was 16 I was being taken away and a British officer bought me. I was

being named by my owner. I stood on British’s side and fought for them during

the French-Indian war, and that was how I earn my freedom. I joined the

Butler’s ranger during the American revolution. They didn’t allow a lot of black

to join, and there always seen to have obstacles. As a reward for serving in

butler’s ranger I got 200 acres of land. My commanding officer gave me an

extra 100 acres of land on top of the average 100 acres. I’m not quite being

accepted by all, uncommon among all the white people. Despite this, I would

do my best to serve this country, my new home.

In Canada, I was part of the underground railroad. I plan to save my people

from slavery. I am very proud to be a Canadian, where I can follow my dream

and where I can be a free man.

Richard was a great man although he was black. Some people might not treat

him as well as some others because he was different, he was black. But he was

as good as any. Knowing he fought war and are now serving Canada, my

country as well, we should make him feel like his part of us. Just because he’s a

different race he shouldn’t be discriminate by any others.

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