Death as a Treatment

Death as a Treatment

Money makes the world go round. Everyone wants to save some money and who wouldn’t want to take the easy way out. If the government could save millions and millions of dollars, why don’t they? Why don’t they use hundreds of dollars to kill a patient rather then using thousands of dollars to treat a patient? There are many reasons why it has not changed and why we have not resorted to killing.

The money involved in physician assisted euthanasia is extremely cheaper than treating the patient. If we change and legalize physician assisted euthanasia, what we’ll get is the choice of the “death treatment”. A treatment is a procedure of which the purpose is to cure the illness or injury. So how can we make death an alternative as a treatment? Killing isn’t a cure or a treatment; it’s the act of terminating life.

With all the millions and millions of dollars put into research for terminal illnesses, there is no benefit of legalizing it. An example would be cancer research. We’ve been putting so much money into cancer research, and yet it is now suggested that we throw all of that research away and resort to killing them rather than finding a cure? Countless people have spent countless hours and put in countless efforts into research for these terminal illnesses. If today we decide to let euthanasia take over, all the efforts of those people would have been meaningless.

Aside from the cost of the research, we have to consider the people – the researchers. What motivation would there be for researchers and scientists to find out a treatment for these terminal illnesses if all we do is kill these patients who are supposedly incurable. The reason why there are researchers is because they feel that there is a cure out there and they are motivated to find that cure or treatment. If we were to allow physician assisted euthanasia, the researchers’ enthusiasm would drop significantly and thus, the goal of saving lives becomes further than where it used...

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