Death Penalty: Immoral to Human Race

Death Penalty: Immoral to Human Race

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Although thought to be a problem in the past, the death penalty in today’s world has been proven to be an injustice and an immoral sentence for the people convicted.
I believe that we do not have the right to kill anyone as a consequence for his or her past choices or actions. Just because a person murdered another, does not mean that we also have to put another human being to death. It is God's decision what their fate should become, not ours. Perhaps we should try to make the person who did the crime be punished in another way for their crime. By placing the convicted murderer in prison for the rest of their life, we would be showing a humane punishment rather than inhumane. I don’t think that the death penalty is more deterrent than other punishments. Most people who commit the most serious crimes do so under unnatural circumstances. Fear is not even present. Most serious crimes such as murders…are committed when the criminal is blinded with passion, when emotions prevail over reason. Retribution as a reason for capital punishment assumes that the public wants revenge. Although victims of crimes and their relatives deserve to know that the criminal is being punished for their crime, our country beliefs in rehabilitation. Penalties do not “have to tend to the revenge or the mere punishment of the criminal, but must reeducate him and rehabilitate him morally and humanly; and what rehabilitation would be possible towards a dead man.”(EZ).

The death penalty is immoral to the human race. We could have the criminals be a part of a prison work program. Through work, the...

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