Death Penalty Should Be Replaced by Life Imprisonment

Death Penalty Should Be Replaced by Life Imprisonment

Currently, in many countries, the death penalty has become unpopular or even been abolished since many people claim that it is merciless and as guilty as committing murder. In my opinion, murderers should be sentenced to life imprisonment rather than death because capital punishment can be surprisingly expensive and also fails as a crime deterrent and violates morality.

Firstly, some people argue that keeping a murderer in prison for life may cost the society a lot. In fact, carrying out one death sentence can even cost a few times more due to numbers of extra appeals, additional required procedures and financial investment to cover many court facilities expenses. In addition, there is no doubt that alive can do more than dead. Take for example, the criminals can do some labour and serve some public services which would partially benefit the society and compensate the victim’s family as well.

Secondly, there is no conclusive proof that the capital punishment is more effective than the sentence of life imprisonment because most people who commit homicide either do not expect to be arrested or carefully consider the differences between a possible execution and life in prison before acting. Moreover, for some extremely serious crime, the murderers will be given a sentence of life without parole, which means they will never be released. Therefore, the safety of society can be assured without using the death penalty.

Last but not least, the death penalty is morally wrong and against all principles of humanity. Not to mention the revenge philosophy will just lead to an endless cycle of violence only. The society should move away from the “eye for an eye” revenge actions if civilization is to advance.

To sum up, the death penalty is the cruelest punishment and not as effective as it has been thought. The society should show mercy and death just doesn’t correct the mistake; murderers must realize their crime and life imprisonment will be more...

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