death penalty

death penalty

´╗┐Should Canada bring back the death penalty?
The death penalty
The death penalty is usually given to people who do severe crimes like murder and rape.
The death penalty still exist in certain countries like Asia, America , middle east countries and some other countries. Some of the punishments are lethal injections, hanging, electrical chair, and beheading. In Canada the death penalty used to exist but not anymore. The most sever punishments given in Canada to these criminals are life in imprisonment right now. Some people in Canada really want the death penalty and some do not agree with it.


Right now the government of Canada doesn't allow the death penalty instead life in imprisonment is given too severe criminals. The Government of Canada is still thinking about bringing back the death penalty. Some people are for it and some people are against it. I think if Canada brings back the death penalty the society will feel more safe. Parents would feel more comfortable sending their kids to school. There will be less criminal activities' like shooting, murder, rape and kidnapping, and drug dealing. If Canada follows the death penalty there will be lesser number of people in the jail which will reduce the expenses for the Government. Even in jails things like fighting, drugs, death, suicide will take place among the prisoners. By bringing back Capital Punishment all these things will be reduced.


If Canada doesn't bring back the death penalty there will be more people landing up in jail. Young people and teenagers won't have the fear to do anything deadly. The tax of the prison will increase and the common people will have to pay for it. Many innocent people and the people who cannot afford a lawyer will end up in trouble. People doing major crimes won't have the fear since they know that they will be spending their whole life in prison without being executed.


I disagree to death penalty since that we have no...

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