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Prospects in education
A quarterly bulletin Vol. I N o . 2 1970
The school and fife Preface by Simon Tanguiane V «">: ;; -^

T h e school as a social institution by Dragutin P. Frankovic 13 19 Educational television in the Ivory Coast by Jean-Claude Pauvert Bridging the gap between school and community

by J. K. Barah
25 31 Preparation for lifelong education by Frank W. Jessup Changes in general education by A. M. Arsenyev Teacher education in the United States of America by Dr. Robert J. Schaefer


Viewpoints and perspectives

International Education Year

The school and life


' W e live in a world that is changing before our very eyes—a world in which the population explosion, decolonization and the profound economic and social...

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