Decision Analysis WGU

Decision Analysis WGU

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Subject: Decision Analysis – Task 1

In this task, I will use Shuzworld case study as an operation consultant to provide recommendation after analyzing the problem, applying the appropriate decision analysis.

A1. Recommend how to improve the current workflow in the plant for the Rugged Wear Workboot.
We recommend that management organize this production process into 5 workstations with the appropriate tasks in each workstation to produce the Rugged Wear Workboot.
Station # Task Time
1 A 10
2 B, C 9
3 D 8
4 E, F, G 10
5 H 9

The 5 workstation layouts would provide a maximum cycle time of 10 minutes or less per station with a total time needed for each cycle of 46 minutes. Task A would start the cycle and take 10 minutes. Task B and C would follow and consume 9 minutes. Task D would follow and take 8 minutes. Task E, F and G would begin and take 10 minutes followed by the final step H and consume 9 minutes. Because workstations 2 and 4 contain multiple production processes these employees should be cross trained in performing these tasks to help keep the process moving and in fact over time could reduce the process time. This arrangement would be the most efficient and provide the greatest cost savings to the company for the production of the Workboot. This improved workflow achieved 100.00% efficiency with a 0% balance delay.
We imputed the performance times for each task, A through H and the sequence requirements into an assembly line balancing tool to perform an analysis to determine the proper...

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