Decision Making Model Analysis Paper

Decision Making Model Analysis Paper

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Decision- Making Model Analysis Paper


August 24, 2006

Decision- Making Model Analysis
There are several types of decision-making models that a person can use in business and in his or her personal life. A person needs to evaluate a model to help him or her make a decision in their professional as well as personal environment. Critical thinking also has a big impact on decisions that need to be made. What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the general term given to a wide range of cognitive skills and intellectual dispositions needed to effectively identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments. Critical thinking also discover and overcome personal prejudices and biases, to formulate and present convincing reasons in support of conclusions, and to make reasonable, intelligent decisions about what to believe and what to do.(Bassham, 2002) The model that I chose is the rational model of decision-making model. The four steps in the rational decision-making model are:
• Identify the Problem
• Generate alternate solutions
• Selecting a solution
• Implementing & evaluate solution
The first step is identifying the problem. The problem is I have been on my job for six years and I am a courier/customer service representative. I work for Spectra Laboratories and it is contracted through Frensenius medical services, which is a renal services. I pick up lab specimens and assist with the lab testing and making sure what supplies is needed for different test. I like my job because it pays the bills and the time is convenient sometimes but I do not want to be 50 and still in this position driving. I drive most of the day and the traffic is hectic. I am beginning to dislike work and sometimes I hate going to work because of this. I pick up from 14 facilities and the drive start from Plaquemine to Jackson and from Zachary to Our Lady of the Lake. The labs then go to the airport to be shipped. When I get home, it...

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