Decision-Making Process

Decision-Making Process

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Decision-Making Process

February 25, 2013

The decision that I had to make was changing jobs, so I could finish my education. That was a very hard job for me, because I had been at my job for four and a half years. I had worked hard to get to the point where I was at, but I couldn’t work there and finish my education. I had a long talk with my husband and let him know what my plan was. We both knew financially things would be different, but in the end it would be worth it. I had to take certain steps in making sure I went by doing things in the correct order, and so it wouldn’t hurt my family in any way.
The first decision I had to make was how is this going to affect my family. I had to decide if this was going to hinder my family in a bad way. I had to make sure that by us taking this financial cut that we would be able to make it. The second decision I had to make was what school I was going to send applications into. I knew I had went to a Community College and had several credits from there. So, I had to find a school where I could transfer my credits over.
The next decision I had to make was where I could find a job, where I could still go to school, and have time to be wife and mommy. I had to find a job that was during the day and didn’t require a lot of additional time after work. Once, I got that taken care of I would focus on deciding what school. The forth decision I would make is do I want to do online classes or go to class. Once, I had all of that taken care of, and decided to go to University of Phoenix I worked on transferring my credits. I got all of my credits transferred and I only have a year and a half left in college.
After evaluating the situation I really think I made the best decision with going back to school. The decision making was somewhat similar to the text. I had risk, uncertainty, and conflict. There are six stages to decision making. I think I...

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