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A decision-making experience in balancing my professional and personal lives

The decision-making model has applied to all aspects of my life, professional and personal. I have been employed at Jabil Circuit since February 2006 as a Human Resources Generalist. I recently have been faced with the decision of whether or not I should apply for an internal Human Resources Manager opening. Although I believe to be technically qualified to fulfill the requirements of the job, there were professional and personal risk factors to consider.

Professional Risks

At the professional level, I have considered many risk factors. First, the HR Department at the Corporate level has just been established and has not proven yet to meet the standard of performance established by upper management. Second, part of the success of the individual on this role will depend on the reporting manager. The current manager’s background is more in the business development arena than in human resources. Third, being an international company that has experienced tremendous growth, Jabil has not kept up with technology and still struggles through the changes in its culture and flat organizational model. The combination of the above risk factors has led me to believe that this will not be a good time to make a move within the organization as it is in a very vulnerable stage

Personal Risks

At the personal level, I also have considered many risk factors. I like the flexibility that I currently have in my lifestyle as it allows me to work from home, take care of my family including my two dogs, go to appointments, and fulfill my school requirements among others. Taking a new role will demand for longer hours at work, less time with my family, and perhaps less dedication to obtaining my master’s degree. In addition, the stress associated with increased responsibilities on the job could have an adverse impact on my pregnancy.


Since this single decision will have...

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