Decision to Join College

Decision to Join College

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I joined the military at the age of 18 being right out of high school. I did four

years at Fort Stewart. I was single and had no cares in the world. I always thought I

would attend college after I did my four years of military. During the fourth year though

I meet a girl that I fell in love with. I asked this girl to marry me and soon afterwards

she became pregnant. At that time I couldn’t have been happier. I then left the Army and

tried my luck with civilian life. I soon realized I wasted my whole time in the Army

where I could have been going to school. Between having a child, getting ready for a

marriage, and working I had little time to attend college. I eventually decide my best

course of action was to join back into the Army. I decided then that I needed to receive

an education. It was a tough choice for me to attend college. But I know I need a higher

education. I also need to think about my life after I leave the military. The most

important thing though, I want to be able to take care of my family and make them proud

of me.

Getting my higher education is vital for me no matter what. Even if I decided to

stay in the Army, receiving a higher education will only progress my career. Also with

everything I want to do in the military it would open a door full of opportunities for me.

I have been listening to people who are in school and a lot of times I have no clue what

they are talking about. Now that I’m getting my education, I am becoming more

knowledgeable. I have just started, but now at least I can join conversations. I use to be

be scared by wanting to attend college. And in some ways I still am. I don’t want to fail

at this. But with my wife’s support and knowing that if I want to do something with my

future I need to get the best education I can get and stop being scared. I have always

been good with computers and that is why I decided...

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