Decribe and Comment on the Kinds of Activities That Would Assist Learners

Decribe and Comment on the Kinds of Activities That Would Assist Learners

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The term listening which is often used in language teaching refers to a complex process that make us to hear and understand spoken language. Listening which is the most widely used language skill is often considered as a conjunction with improving the other language skills of speaking, reading and writing. Moreover, Rost (2001) indicated that listening is not only a pure skill in language performance, but also is an important means of acquiring a second language. Though Hedge (2000:227) claimed that there is a popular opinion that listening has become the ‘neglected’,‘overlooked’, even ‘taken for granted’ skill in recent ELT literatures and listening ability would improve automatically through language practice of pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, it is not denied that more and more people need a higher level listening ability in contemporary social communication.

Valuable language input gained from listening can be a key role in language learning and teaching, the learners with a good listening ability can promote other language skills in second language acquisition. Therefore, it is absolutely helpful that teachers design some kinds of activities to assist learners to achieve effective listening skill.

Relevant Research Background
In order to assist learners to achieve effective listening skills, In other words, it means that help learners accomplish useful listening skills to comprehend spoken language successfully, so teachers should design and set up different kinds of listening activities for learners of different levels. But firstly teachers should know what problems learners encounter in listening procedures, and what kind of activities is appropriate to cope with those problems. Cherry (1957) introduced the term ‘uncertainties’ as the problem and he categorized some major areas of uncertainties in speech sounds and patterns; in language and syntax; in recognition of content; uncertainties caused by environmental noise and...

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