Decsion Making Ans Problem Identification

Decsion Making Ans Problem Identification

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Decision Making Styles and Problem Identification
Faye Grier
Tiffany Massey
Daphne Rojas
Gwendolyn Green

Denise Harry
MGT350 / January 11, 2009

University of Phoenix

The decision-making processes used by organizations are based on various problem identification and formulation styles. Understanding the different styles allows employees and managers to determine the way organizations address and resolve problems. Team members will discuss the style used in the decision-making process that is most prevalent in their individual organizations. Team members will also discuss the specific strengths and weaknesses, which are found in the formulation style they identify. After compiling the information a comparison and contrast of each style will be provided in order to determine the most favorable aspect of each style. Based on the information gathered processes by which a problem can be identified and described to stakeholders in a manner that is sensitive to their perspectives will be identified.
Autocratic, is the most prevalent decision making process investigated and observed by team member Daphne while working for the MetroPCS Corporation. According to the Leadership Management Development Center, autocratic decision making occurs when the person in charge maintains complete power and ownership of the decision. The leader is entirely accountable for the good or bad effect as a result of the decision and does not ask for any suggestions or ideas from outside sources, the leader decides from inner information and insight of the situation (1997). MetroPCS has only been in Jacksonville for 8 months and most of the decision making Daphne has experienced is customer based, but the come out of those decisions come from top level management. When customers come in with a complaint about their cell phone, as an associate Daphne has to address the issue however, the decision is up to the assistant manager. If an issue occurs with a cell phone not...

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