Defending Great Literature

Defending Great Literature

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Defending Great Literature
Laura Childers
Santa Rosa District Schools
Responding to a fictional letter by an upset parent, students defend Mark Twain and the study of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn using persuasive techniques, appropriate word choice, and correct letter format.
Florida Sunshine State Standards
The student locates, gathers, analyzes, and evaluates written information for a variety of purposes, including research projects, real-world tasks, and self-improvement.

The student drafts and revises writing that: is focused, purposeful, and reflects insight into the writing situation; has an organizational pattern that provides for a logical progression of ideas; has effective use of transitional devices that contribute to a sense of completeness; has support that is substantial, specific, relevant, and concrete; demonstrates a commitment to and involvement with the subject; uses creative writing strategies as appropriate to the purpose of the paper; demonstrates a mature command of language with precision of expression; has varied sentence structure; and has few, if any, convention errors in mechanics, usage, punctuation, and spelling.

Analyzes the effectiveness of complex elements of plot such as setting, major events, problems, conflicts and resolutions

Florida Process Standards
Effective Communicators
02 Florida students communicate in English and other languages using information, concepts, prose, symbols, reports, audio and video recordings, speeches, graphic displays, and computer-based programs.
-Writing Utensil
-Copy of the letter (see attached file)
1. Before reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, lead a discussion of censorship and the banning of books - refer to BACKGROUND in procedures section.
2. Define satire, types of irony, and other types of humor found in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - refer to BACKGROUND in...

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