Defining an Institution

Defining an Institution

Writing Assignment #1 – Define and Institution

Patricia Arndt

SOC250 – Spring 2014
Dr. Jeanne Mattern
May 2, 2013

Sarah Moore Home is an assisted living facility consisting of 16 individual apartments that is attached to a 32 bed healthcare center (2011, para5). Recently, an additional 36 individual assisted living apartments have been built. I have been employed at Sarah Moore Home as a licensed practical nurse for three years. I chose this institution for my first writing assignment.
What are the core beliefs of this institution?
Sarah Moore is committed to preserving the dignity and pride of the residents while providing them with comfortable and safe housing with loving, person care, and compassion (2011, para 2). The facility is a non-profit organization overseen by a Board of Governors consisting of local community leaders who volunteer their time (2011, para 4).
What social needs does it address?
This facility has an activities department that allows the residents to socialize in a number of different ways. The events offered range from bingo or crafts to a lunch outing to Red Lobster and other local eateries. In the summertime you will find many residents sitting on the large front porch in wicker rocking chairs eating ice cream and shooting the breeze with one another is evidence of secondary groups. The activities department also arranges different voluntary organizations such as church services to take place allowing the different denominations to participate and alternate Sundays. This is an example of a primary group for many.
What statuses and roles are found in this institution and how do they support the beliefs of the institution?
There are various roles existing in this institution. At the top of the order is the Board of Governors who has the final say in all administrative, building, or upper management hire decisions. Next is the Administrator who is ultimately responsible for the day to day operations on the...

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