hello my name is kyle jo barnard and im from alkira secondary college and to day i am going to be telling you about deforestation the thing i will be talking about is the wild life and the part how we are making land but taking it away. i think that deforestation shoouldnt be happeniing as much because its taking away lifes from animals and people are being very greedy with all the money they are making from it and how muchmoney they are actually creating.

the first thing i am going to be talking about is the wild life all the animals are having there lifes taken from the or at least there homes.
so if forests cover 30% of our land how many animas would the world be losing from all of this deforestation and what would happen if they all went ecxtinct the food chain wouold fall apart because there arnt animals to link certain parts of the chain and if the food chain is messed up then we probably wouldnt be able to have a life because one little part can rouin the whole thing and then there would be no life form on earth.
i think that if animal life is taken it is just you or mine being taken away and that is why i believe in my point so strongly.

the second thing i am talking about is hoow much land we are actually losing we are losing so much forest. the rate of deforestation equals to losing 20 football fields every minute.
if the current rate of deforestation with in 100 years there will be no more forests wich forests gives us oxygen wich makes us live and if we dont have oxygen we will die.
usa is leading in most deforestation because they are so selfish with taking everything and only want the best for them selfes.
the world needs to be more revolved around

Just remember that we are taking lifes away from animals that deserve to live just as much as us they are an important part in the food chain and if one is gone life on earth is gone.
and by taking down so many forests we wont have oxygen to breathe yeah were...

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