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BTEC L3 90-Credit Diploma in Business

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Market Development
Market development is a business strategy whereby a business attempts to find new groups of buyers as potential customers for its existing products and services. A way to do this is to advertise your service. Uxbridge College had, and still have, posters on the London buses to advertise their school and their service. On the posters you can clearly see that it states that Uxbridge College is the No.1 College in London. This is a great way of advertising; because if you let potential students know that the College is ranked No.1, you will surely get more awareness and recognition among the other Colleges. In my opinion this is a very effective way of market development, as advertises on buses are seen by millions of people every week. The disadvantage of bus advertisements is that there is a limit in terms of message designs. Also, the message is often seen in a quick motion. Another way to advertise, and a very effective way as well, is through internet. Cookies can be used, so whenever someone searches for Colleges, they will get an advertisement on any page from Uxbridge College. This can be more useful, as the people getting the advertisement are definitely looking for a college.

Product development
Product development is the process by which a business looks for a way to create a new product/service. Uxbridge College have since short introduced new ESOL courses. These courses are mainly for adults who can’t speak the language and are looking for ways to improve. The courses are in the Hayes campus, and they are in the evening so that prospective students can plan this in with their working times. This is a very effective way, because it will attract potential students who can’t speak the language. You do have to take into consideration that when you develop a new product or service,...