Deleatin Cookies

Deleatin Cookies

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2. List two methods for deleting cookies on your computer. At the time of this writing, give the approximate number of cookies currently on your computer's hard drive. What is the difference between 1st party cookies and 3rd party cookies? Explain. What does 'party' refer to in the term '3rd party cookie'?
Cookies are passage files that are repeatedly downloaded to your hard drive by web sites in order to make browsing easier. But there also can be negative cookies that can effect the functioning of your computer. I know firsthand. You can delete cookies by clicking start, run, typing inetcpl.cpl (and enter), on the General tab click Delete Cookies in the Internet Properties dialog box (under Temporary Internet Files, In the Delete Files dialog box, select Delete all offline content check box, and then click OK.
Another way to delete cookies is to close Microsoft Internet Explorer, search your hard drive for a your cookies folder, open it, the files posted as “user@sitename” are cookies, select the cookies preferred to delete by pressing the delete key. Personally this is the best way to delete cookies. Because you can delete cookies from sites you don’t use or seem suspicious. I have 16 cookies. 1st party cookie is legit most if the time you won’t have a security problem from 1st part cookies. Only about 05% of computer users delete their 1st party cookies. 3rd part cookies are placed on a web site that you have visited. I think most of us have visited a popup web site before. From experience I feel it’s very important to consistently delete all files that you don’t use on your computer for a better security and also speed production. Let’s keep our computers clean.

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