Delivering Effective Prsentation

Delivering Effective Prsentation

1. One key to delivering an effective presentation is to make sure that you have practiced your presentation several times to be sure you are not just reading your presentation but rather presenting your presentation

2. It is important when delivering your presentation that you are comfortable with your surroundings. Making sure you are comfortable with the podium if your presentation calls for one. Also having water available helps if you become nervous. If you are delivering your presentation in a room where you have never been before perhaps arriving early to practice or at least set up is helpful

Tone and pace is important. Making sure that your tone is not monotone and your pace is not too fast.

Remember that “practice makes perfect”
Make sure you are comfortable and aware of your surroundings
Pace and tone of voice play a key role in a presentation

1. Making eye contact with the audience is extremely important. If your presentation lacks eye contact then your presentation will seem impersonal. If you read your entire presentation your audience will lose interest.

Make sure your projector works, microphones are in working order and there is a back up one if available. If you are not familiar with the equipment you are using make sure an IT person is available.

Eye contact is key
Having faulty or ineffective speaking equipment will pose a problem
Following these simple steps can make the difference between delivery a semi effective presentation and an extremely effective presentation.

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