Dell Computer Review

Dell Computer Review

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Dell Computer Review
The new Dell inspiron 15r is a small laptop computer that has become very popular with college students. With a new webcam and great sound system, this computer is trying to revolutionize Dell's portable computer branch. I have a new Dell and I will be using it for this review. As a matter of fact, I am writing this review on it.

My Dell started off great, the internet was fast, webcam was great, and the screen had amazing clearity. However it hasn't continued to be great, now after only have this computer for about two months I can't: get online in regular mode, can get online on safe mode but without sound, and slow internet speed. I tried to ask Cox (my internet provider) if they could fix it and they said it was Dell's fault. I haven't contacted Dell's costumer service of my issues because of the problems they have. I really just wanted my money back because I don't want another computer with the same issues. When I was first getting ready to buy this computer on Dell's website, I had to call Dell because you cannot purchase anything on the website. I was a hassel from the beginning with Dell's costumer service, I'm pretty sure they were in India and they had a hard time understanding what I wanted.

I'm not sure is these problems are because of just this computer or if it is a problem with the new second generation system they are using but what ever it is, DO NOT BUY THIS COMPUTER!!!!! It is nothing but a headache. I am not a computer expert but I'm pretty sure they are supposed to work and not just some of the time but ALL the time, I don't know that could just be me. The fan on this computer is loud and doesn't really work it over heats easily, and the battery life isn't very long. The only reason why I bought this computer was because it was cheap and our Dell home computer worked great. I had heard Dell laptops suck but I just thought those people were haters but now I know they were right.

I beg you DON'T BUY THIS...

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