Dell Swot Analysis

Dell Swot Analysis

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A. Corporate Structure

(Strength) The corporate structure is very bureaucratic in order to manage better the company. Founder

Michael Dell noted that the company was disorganized despite the growth it exhibited. In other words,

the company needed some help with the administrative side of the business. Michael Dell sought

management help from experts from other companies rather than losing control of the company. The

new hires worked to better manage the company in order to sustain the growth of the company.

B. Corporate Culture

(Strength) Most employees of Dell are committed to the company’s mission statement. Employees are

in admiration of Dell’s corporate culture, and in turn, so is the industry. Dell is ranks number nine in the

world as best corporate citizen in 2006 by Business Ethics Magazine.1

(Strength) The company has a corporate dogma called the “Soul of Dell.” Most important to the

company are customers, the Dell team, direct relationships, global citizenship, and winning. Foremost

are customers. Dell feels that the company can create loyal customers by building a good relationship

with them. To do this the company must produce high quality products and services. In order to

produce superior goods and services, the direct relationship among customers, suppliers, partners,

and employees is most critical. Management emphasizes the management of this relationship. Global

citizenship and winning are mentioned as well.

C. Corporate Resources

1. Marketing

(Weakness) Dell utilizes many distribution methods to sell products and services, however the company

ponders whether it should return to selling products and services in retail stores again. Sales are done

through sales representatives, over the telephone, and online. However, statistics show that retail

store sales are growing, while in-person, over-the-phone, and internet sales were slowing. The

customer base includes...

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