Dementia: Learn About It While You Still Can

Dementia: Learn About It While You Still Can

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Specific Purpose:
To inform my audience about the magnitude, symptoms, and ways to prevent vascular dementia.
Central Idea:
Vascular Dementia is a form of dementia that is caused by small strokes, and is the only form of dementia that can be prevented.

I. The last few years of my life have been very tough on me. Over this time period, I have witnessed my two Grandmothers who were always strong-willed, independent, outgoing, and loving woman become empty shells that bare no resemblance to their former personalities which I loved. Due to the disease called vascular dementia, my now late Grandmother went from not remembering my name to helplessly not being able to remember me or anything else at all. My other Grandmother is showing the same signs of dementia and is gradually becoming more absent minded and losing touch with reality. The form of dementia that both my Grandmother’s have is the only form which the risks can minimized through lifestyle choices, unfortunately nobody ever told them years ago about those things, and by the time they learned it was too late to erase the damage.
II. Due to my extensive research, as well as visually seeing what this awful disease did to my two grandmothers firsthand over the last two years, I have become very knowledgeable about this topic.
III. “In the next few minutes I will be illustrating the nature of vascular dementia , the symptoms associated with it, and ways to lower the risk of vascular dementia”.
IV. Advantages to knowing about dementia that are relevant to you are.
A. Knowing the steps of how to lower the risk of it from happening to you and more eminently a middle aged loved one.
B. To be able to identify the tell-tale signs that someone has a form of dementia.
C. To be informed and prepared to act in case it happens to your parent, grandparent, or any other loved one in your life.

V. Today I will be informing you about vascular dementia, as well as the symptoms that go along...

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