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When it comes to write assignment, students often fail to achieve the marks they expect. With reference to appropriate literature, what essay writing techniques or strategies can a student utilize in order to maximize their marks.

Nowadays, the most important thing that students should be doing at university is writing a good essay. However, some of them often fail to do that because they do not use appropriate techniques and strategies. Some of the reasons for the failures are misunderstanding of the topic, not using appropriate vocabulary, incorrectly used research methods and plagiarism. All these techniques and strategies will be described and supported with evidence. and what should be avoided.

When students have to write an essay they usually misunderstand the topic which leads to a wrong way of approaching it. Reasons for misunderstandings of the topic is that they never look for key words which leads to difficulty in explaining the assignment, “A good essay is one in which the student has stuck like glue to the key words in the questions and so has done exactly what was asked ( Rose, 2001, p.90)”. When the student comprehends what is inquired to write and after that getting the right tone of writing it will be one of the reasons for high mark.

In order the undergraduates to get higher marks they should avoid several things. One of the main things is slang language have to be avoided which means the student who write an essay should used appropriate vocabulary to exponent academic style which means to use as much as possible passive form and vocabulary for academic writing. Many students never write argument about the topic or just write around the title that lead to an exponent of critical thinking which is the most important for an essay. Showing the profound thinking in writing will be described what kind of person is the learner and will be a motivation for the teacher to provide a good mark.

When undergraduate have to write an essay some...