Denial or Lies? Pop Princess V's Bad Boy Rapper

Denial or Lies? Pop Princess V's Bad Boy Rapper

When you think of Mariah Carey you think of your ultimate girly girl, powerful voice, powerful connections and a hunger for success. Carey has been a big idol for many people both male and female since she first hit the spot light. She showed that she wasn’t just a pretty face- staying around for many years and constantly producing hit after hit causing her to be one of the most successful female of all time.

From the other side of the tracks you have Eminem- hardcore bad boy rapper. Eminem has offended many celebs making personal and judgemental comments about them, portraying them in a negative light and never been afraid not to rap about whatever is bothering him. Due to this, he’s had more fights than Mike Tyson and created a constant storm of enemies. Marshall (as he’s also known) is your ultimate boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Yet the slim shady rapper has still managed to create a storm of female fans, obsessed by his bad boy lifestyle and undeniable fit physique. And according to Marshall, one female fan that seemed to want a piece of Shady’s lifestyle, was none other than pop sensation Mariah Carey.

O.k. I couldn’t picture it either. Carey and Marshall? Surely not! What did this pair have in common? Carey is famous for her little outfits (and not so little voice) her girly girl domain, her almost perfectness! And then there’s Marshall baggy track suits, baseball cap and songs that feature at least one swear word in it. I guess opposites do attract and Marshall claimed that Mariah was addicted to his bad boy charms. She aint the only one Shady! He even made reference to Mariah in his single Superman “what you tryin' to be, my new wife, what you Mariah...”

Carey however was clearly not playing the same game as Marshall. Instead of being flattered that the hottest USA rapper was basically calling her his “wifey” she did the thing that most people are guilty of when they’ve cringed thinking about an ex partner. She denied everything! Carey...

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