Department of Health and Exercise

Department of Health and Exercise

San Diego City College
Department of Health and Exercise Science

Course Syllabus: Tentative Plan for Spring 2010
Health and Lifestyles: HES 101, CRN # 86869
Location & Time: Internet Classroom, Open hours.

Course Instructor: Brian Sos, Ph.D.
Instructor Contacts: WebCT Communications (email, discussion boards) or Emergency Email -
Office Hrs: Mon-Wed 12:00-1:00, T-Th by appt only. Location: P-203


This course studies aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health. Emphasis is placed on knowledge for the development of attitude, understanding, and practice of a preventative life style for healthy living and optimal wellness. Specific instructional areas include chronic disease, physical activity, nutrition, weight management, birth control methods, human sexuality, alcohol, tobacco and illicit chemical use, stress, and factors that contribute to wellness and longevity. Experience in personal health assessment and the changing of health behaviors is stressed. Satisfies State of California Health Education requirement for teaching credential.


Successful completion of English 51 and English 56, with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better


1. Identify present health conditions that may develop into chronic diseases and modify them as necessary.
2. Design an aerobic target heart rate exercise which lasts for thirty minutes or more.
3. Analyze daily diet for balance of essential nutrients.
4. Design and implement an appropriate dietary regiment to meet weight and activity needs.
5. Evaluate appropriate birth control methods and understand how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).
6. Identify symptomology of the leading Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
7. Understand consequences of illicit drug, alcohol and tobacco use.
8. Identify health consequences of stress and implement stress management techniques.
9. Identify the...

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