Deployment Board Study Guide

Deployment Board Study Guide


1. What is the object of first aid?The object of first aid is to stop bleeding, overcome shock, relieve pain and prevent infection.

2. What is first aid? -
It is the first care given to personnel before treatment can be made available by medical personnel
The skin becomes numb and white, patches and particles form on it. You remove clothe from affected area, provide body heat, dress the area and seek additional medical help.

4. What is a heat injury?
A loss of water and salt, loss of sweat while personnel work in the heat, a general dehydration of the body.

$5. What are the lifesaving steps?(ABC's of medical treatment?
-open airway and restore breathing
-stop the bleeding/protect the wound
-prevent shock


1. What are the 4 types of waste?

2. A latrine can be no closer then what distance to a water point?
100 feet

3. What is field sanitation?
The use of measures to create and maintain healthful environmental conditions, to include safeguarding food/water, and controlling disease bearing insects/rodents.

4. What are the 5 F's of field sanitation?

5. What is a communicable disease?
A disease that can be transmitted person to person, animal to person, insect to person.


1. What DA PAM is the guide to motor pool operations?
DA PAM 750-35

2. What does PMCS stand for?
Preventative maintenance checks and service

3. When is PMCS required to be performed?
before, during, and after operations of that piece of equipment. Also on a weekly and monthly basis.

4. Who is required to perform a PMCS?
Every operator who is assigned to a piece of equipment.

5. What type of manual is used to perform operator level maintenance?
The operator manual (10 series)

6. Before a vehicle can be dispatched, what safety equipment must be present?
Fire extinguishers, complete first aid kit, and complete...

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