Describe My Boat

Describe My Boat

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Yeinny Owens
second draft

The Morning Star

There is one place that reminds me peace,tranquility, love,and tha place is

our boat (The Morning Star) .The morning star is the first home that my husband

and I lived in. That is the only plece where I can feel that nothing will ever go

wrong.I want to walk you threw the boat and describe the thing that I love and

why I love that plece so much.

As you climb the stairs tha my husband mede with wood and rope you are

starting to see that the boat is a little rustic. The boat is a motor boat that was

working as a fishing boat in europe. my husband bougth it to transform it

in our floating house. When you go inside the first thing that you goint to see

is our kitchen, the kitchen is the original from the boat. Is a nice confortable

room whit the perfect spece to work in. as you see araund you can find thing that

a regular kitchen has.Like, stove,oven,dinning table.The kitchen is a place that

we enjoyed alot becouse is the plece were we met whit friends and families,

and is that is so confy that we always were there for everything.

Next to the kitchen are steep steps, down the steps is one big cabin tha is the

transformation of 8 little cabins for fishermen. In that cabin we have space for

one couple or friend that wanted to visit us.Them forward of the kitchen is the

shower whit hot water as we wanted. In front of the shower there are steep

steps up to the weelhouse. My husband and I slept in the weelhouse were we

could see all around, our neighbors in their boats, the beautifull of the Sea, the

color of the sky, the calm of the water all that makes us feel like our life was


In the main deck, you can walk from bow to stern and when you walk you can

see the defenses, that there are around the boat to protect it of collisions...

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