Describe Why Purchasing System Is Important to Your Company and Industry.

Describe Why Purchasing System Is Important to Your Company and Industry.

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Company Profile:

Anastasia Apparel Limited (AAL) is a trading company domiciled in Hong Kong as liaison and sales & development office. We produce samples and/or products based on designs of our clients and provide designs for clients to place sample and/or production orders. We have 30 staffs in office to handle merchandising, accounting and shipping duty.

We specialized in all kinds of garment with annual output of 12 million pieces/suits including jackets, pants, skirts, blouses, jeans, lingerie, children's wear and evening/prom dresses. Our products are mainly exported to USA and Europe.

Company Structure:

Sales Department

Merchandising Department

Shipping Department

Account Department

Enterprise resources planning:

As we are a trading company, we are using a enterprise resources planning - Purchasing system called: Compiere

This system has been installed in our company and the functions can divide into:

Order processing design helps to streamline the operation flow until the order is completed.

Steps and Duty:
When Sales department receives client's sample or production order, they have to input a SALE ORDER into the system. It contains client information, order style, order quantity, price, delivery date, payment terms and ECO terms. Then system will provide a sales order number for reference. This number is belonged to this order and client. This order will pass to the factory to inform their management to arrange production.

Order Management controls the inventory purchasing side of any business; tracks purchase orders, vendor prices and quantities on order; helps the purchase department to maintain an optimized inventory level and significantly lower the daily workload.

Steps and Duty:
After receiving a order from sales, Merchandising department have to purchase materials from the market and deliver to the factory to start the production.
Firstly, they have to...

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