Description of Business

Description of Business

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Rockey Creameries is an ice cream company that produces and distributes high quality ice cream to groceries, shops, parlours and restaurants in Trinidad. Rockey Creameries is a partnership owned by Brandon Pustam and Brent Pustam. Our staff consists of twenty employees four of who are supervisors of the factory and three administrative staff responsible for accounting, billing and wages.

A Production Manager is in charge of all production processes and the supervisors report to him. There is a Quality Control Supervisor who reports directly to the partners. An Inventory Manager is in charge of receiving, storage and issuance of raw materials as well as receipt, storage and distribution of the finished products with a staff of three assistants to help him.

The functional areas of the business will include Purchasing/Logistics, Inventory Management, Production, Distribution and Packaging, Quality Control and Finance and Administration.


Rockey Creameries’ factory and head office is located at #19 Vanillas Road, Port of Spain. The compound is 24,000 square feet and includes the factory, inventory warehouse and administrative building was purchased by the partners of the business using funding from a bank loan secured on the property itself as well as the partners capital contributions totaling $500,000.

The chosen location was considered to be ideal because of the following reasons:

1) Our biggest raw material supplier Titan Distributors are located about one mile from our factory and this ensures reliability of supplies.

2) The warehouse is highly automated and our investment in machines is supported to an extent by the fact that Capital Solutions our major supplier of machines is located 2 miles from the factory and this ensures that quick technical support is available in emergencies.

3) Distribution of our finished product is done via contracted trucks which we use from two...

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