Description of Events

Description of Events

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Description of event
The essay will use Gibbs model (1988) for the reflection of a series of events that took place on an older adult admissions ward. The name of the service user will be replaced with a pseudonym of Jim for reasons of confidentiality. Jim was a 68 year old man and a double amputee caused by severe Osteomyelitis. Jim was on section 2 of the Mental Health Act for assessment following a head injury. Previously Jim had worked as a social worker specialising in disabilities and had been a successful author. At times Jim became demanding and physically aggressive, causing damage to the ward. There was a risk to staff and other service users, as he was threatening and often used his prosthetic leg as a weapon. When there was considerable risk, staff with Scip training would use restraint and sedate Jim via injection, staff were concerned when restraining Jim as he had a pace maker and a complex medical history. After restraints staff usually removed his prosthetic leg and wheel chair, and placed Jim on a mattress on the floor, therefore he was unable to mobilise.

Feelings and thoughts
With little experience dealing with violence and aggression first hand, additionally considering the reason being there was to learn I felt I had to participate and observe as much as possible. Restraints were a rare event throughout the placement and it was clear that the staff were concerned and uncomfortable with the situation. Whilst Jim was on the mattress immobilised his verbal aggression tended to increase I empathised with his situation, I believed that his verbal aggression was a result of his frustration and the vulnerable position he was confined to on the mattress. Preventing a disabled man the use of his prosthetic leg poses ethical consideration, and as a student nurse I felt uncomfortable doing so. I did not feel confident challenging the staff about the situation as I believed that allowing Jim access to his prosthetic leg did pose a...

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