Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay

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Divine Word University
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STUDENT NAME: | Bartholomew Vakeu |
COURSE GROUP: | Group #2 |
UNIT TITLE: | Christian Ethics Human rights and Gender Balance |
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UNIT CODE: | FL101 |
DUE DATE: | 17/06/2013 |
DATE SUBMITTED: | 17/06/2013 |
LECTURER’S NAME: | Arnold Harriman |
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Faculty of flexible LearningDivine word universityPO Box 434Madang |

Student Email address: Student Postal address: P. O Box 2157 Port Moresby ,NCD |

Save our country from corruption
Many ordinary citizens of this country believe that one of the most serious problem our country faces currently is corruption. An article from the National Newspaper read “sole corruption” which reads “our nation is at danger of surrendering to a culture of corruption which is a permanent way of thinking and acting within all levels of society”. Which accepts corrupt practices as the normal way of life in Papua New Guinea. Once a culture of corruption is embraced and strongly in place, it is very difficult to root out
In simple definition; “transparency international identifies corruption” as the “abuse of entrusted power for private gain by leaders.” Corruption is rather the action or situation that affects the ability of our leaders to make good decisions and deliver goods and services to the people effectively. The Papua New Guinean democracy system developed its own style of leadership which through the actions of our leaders allowed for corruption to breed and grow.
Although out country is one of the wealthiest country in the world. In terms of its huge minerals such as copper, gold, silver, nickel, cobalt and many others. Most people...

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