Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay

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Every single married couple in the world remembers the moment when they first met. It is a time when emotions are struggling with each other influencing each and every word or action you do. The moment that can start an entire new life
for you, or just provide a memory that your friends can abuse you with when they see fit. It such an influential part of our social lives when we approach the opposite gender because it causes people to use a trait that many don’t have, courage.

You’re sitting at lunch with your friends minding your own business. You look up just in time to see that one girl who you have had a crush on since the first time you laid eyes on her. However she’s never been alone without her friend’s, which has stopped your advances in approaching her. You look at your friends wondering what they would think if you just got up and took off towards your crush, would they question you? Dismissing the thought, another problem crosses your mind….what do I even say? Should I be confident, or should I just wait for her to come to me, what if she doesn’t come to me. In the end you just let her pass by as always.
This awkward experience is what all the love doctors make their money on because it is so important in a relationship. So many people can mess it up which is why so many people are also single. In fact 17 out of 20 people believe that the first impression means everything according to In other words that means you better not screw it up. In fact women already have expectations of what you should look like and smell like so if you don’t already fit those then you are already out of the game because you cant comeback after you have struckout, especially if you mess up your first line.

All that is running through a guy’s head as he approaches the girl. Every bit of the information is inside the men’s mind as he puts his neck on the line for judgement. So ladies if men are not leaping at you to ask you on a date...

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