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The coffee shop

The coffee shop is the best place to stop by for food and company. Allot of old timers are there in the booths or on the stools reading today’s paper with a cup of coffee. You can order all most anything you can think of and if it’s not on the menu then the cook can try to make it for you. At a coffee shop you can relax and talk to the waitress and ask what they recommend. I normally ask for the chili burger or the club sandwich, of course if they have any specials then I will give them a try. You can pick up the latest news from the locals just by listening to their conversations or letting them come by your table and talking with them. The coffee is always hot and fresh, they always have plenty of sugar and creamer on the table waiting for you. If not then with a smile the waitress will bring you a refill and some more sugar or creamer. Sometimes they will even have fresh flowers on the tables if the owner can find some or the walls will be decorated with the current season to match.

The food is order how you like it and if they bring you something different then what you ordered, then you can ask and have it redone just the way you like it. Some days when I stop by for lunch, I am in a hurry and they rush my order. But on the weekends when I have more time then I just relax with a cup of coffee and look for the daily specials, on Sunday’s right after church. You are lucky if you can find a seat or booth. Because it’s the atmosphere people are looking for then the food. The food seems to taste better with the people you love.

The coffee shop I enjoy is only open for breakfast and lunch, if I could have it my way I would eat dinner there too. But the owners need some time at home too. The coffee shop is very close to where I used to live and could even walk there when the weather was good. If it was windy or rainy then I would drive the short distance and have my meal. If I was real lucky I would find a parking space right in...

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