Design Analysis

Design Analysis

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I think my tea coffee and sugar storage unit is a successful finished product. It has fashionable, clean, smooth design and it can be stained again to compliment any kitchen. The label tea coffee and sugar make the purpose of the product clear. The tea compartment holds teabags and keeps them fresh because the cover is water and airtight a teabag can be quickly and easily removed.

The sugar compartment holds sugar compartment holds sugar cubes. The can quickly and easily removed for tea or coffee. It is easy to remove the exact amount of sugar without making a mess of contaminating the sugar. The lid is water and airtight to prevent the entry of water and dirt.

Te coffee compartment contains powder and the required amount of coffee e.g. one spoon can quickly and easily removed to make a cup of coffee. The lid helps keep water, air and dirt out of the coffee compartment.

I think the strongest points of the finished product are:

• It is neatly designed and it’s functional.
• It can store a large amount of tea, coffee and sugar so it will not run out very quickly.
• It helps the tea, coffee and sugar fresh for a long period of time.
• It can be stained in different colour to suit any kitchen.
• It should not cost too much to make it in a large scale because it is a simple design.
• The font of the writing at the top is attractive.

I think the weakest points of my product are:
➢ The sugar compartment is the same size as the other compartment however sugar is likely to run out more often then the others.
➢ The product can be easily damaged if it’s left in wet surface.
➢ It will not be easy to clean the product especially inside of the compartment.

The specification of my product and my final product incorporates all the product specification without any modification.
If I was to design my product again I would make the following changes:
▪ I would make the sugar compartment larger so it...

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