Design of Arenaceous Quartz Production Line

Design of Arenaceous Quartz Production Line

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The formation of sand stone production line,crushing production line or beneficiation production line need to add in the most front-end feeder, feeder played what role in the production line? First, according to the name of the feeder understanding to the entire production line to transport the material to be broken, and a storage and transportation device. Some manufacturers in order to save expenses omitted machine used hopper to the filling, which in some cases is also possible, but not feasible in most cases, because the feeder design principle is that the material is uniformly conveyed to crushing equipment, crusher throughput, reasonable and effective adjustments, uniform and continuous or quantitatively to by the feeding device, to ensure the efficiency and lifetime of the device of the subject material by way of vibration to prevent equipment due to the speed of filling over fast and stuck.

Such as use vertical compound crusher, vertical compound crusher internal rotor driven hammer to be crushed under the material used in mining, stone and other industries need to be broken to a certain granularity and its moisture content is not easy, can be used in the case of a heavy hammer, its speed can increase the need to use a thin-hammer, but the materials for the building materials industry is a higher water content and not easy cutting, reduce speed to prevent the device stuck.

Overall, the device needs to be replaced within the configuration carried out to determine the water content of the material is based on customers, such as higher water content greater viscosity of the material is not easy nesting need to reduce the speed of the equipment, the replacement of the lower resistance hammer in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment production and does not affect the crushing effect.

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