Design Tech: Product Design

Design Tech: Product Design

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Target Market: The product is aimed at teenagers mainly because my client is a teen themselves. I’m keeping it nice, modern and natural
some girls do like subtle designs. My client also likes to be sustainable so it would probably appeal to her.

Function: The product is a multi-function chair. It will contain storage as well a being able to allow someone to sit on it. The reason why I’m adding
Storage is because my client does not want an excessive amount in her room. But she did want another storage space. So I thought I should add
it into the chair so it would be discreet.

Aesthetics: I’m thinking of the chair to have a natural look. But my client did say that they wanted a little bit of colour to the chair, so the edges
of the chair having colour would probably make my client content with the product.
Ergonomics: The product is easy to use because it will have a handle at the top, so it will be easier for the user to pull it out and also to pick it up. I’ll try to make it
lightweight. The storage part will be easy to use, as you’ll be able to take your stuff out easily because all you have to do is lift the seat. This is a good function
as my client won’t have to faff around and they’ll be able to get their things out quicker.

Safety: The product is a little safe. The reason why I’m using the word ‘little’ is because the chair can tip over and the user can get hurt. Also if there is a little child
Near by the can get hurt. However, as my client is a teen, it probably is safe for her age group and above. The edges are not sharp and the chair will help support
The user’s back, as it has a slightly straight structure. This...

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