Designing a Window Display: Using Effective Store Merchandising to Increase Sales

Designing a Window Display: Using Effective Store Merchandising to Increase Sales

Designing a Window Display

Using Effective Store Merchandising to Increase Sales

Creating an appealing store display is an important step for small businesses that want to attract local foot traffic and generate repeat sales.

Store window displays can be a great way to draw people into the store, because they give them a look at some of the items they can expect to see inside. They are also a great way to highlight certain types of merchandise.
Retail Window Display Ideas
Choosing the right theme for the window is often the most challenging part of the whole display design experience. Selecting a single theme for all the store windows and some interior display spaces can create a cohesive and inviting appearance. A few popular ideas for display merchandising are:
• Seasonal themes - Appropriately timed spring gardening displays, summer beach displays, or winter holiday displays are all going to appeal to people strolling by the store window, since they are currently thinking about these things.
• Color themes - A variety of items in all shapes and sizes can create a wonderful display when they are all shades of the same color. This gives the business a chance to showcase many different products at the same time.
• Odd holiday themes - Have fun with strange holidays, from celebrations of the frog to a day set aside for the pickle. With the hundreds of holidays that fill each year, there is sure to be at least one that is a perfect fit for the business.
• What's new - Show people the latest and greatest items the store is carrying right in the window.

Tips for Store Display Design

One of the most important things to consider when designing a display is simplicity. An uncluttered, sleek display looks more professional than a table or window piled up with random items. Of course, for some businesses, such as an antique store, a garage sale look may be part of the appeal.
Placing items at different heights is...

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