Destination Branding

Destination Branding

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Essay for destination branding - Ohrid

Course: Brand Mng

Instructor: Suzana P. Nikiforova M.Sc.

Student: Goce Oncevski ID#: 553

Positioning a certain brand on the market necessitate durable process which is consisted in several elements, researches as well as summarizing of all the collected data with bringing a certain conclusion and the best way of presenting of the Ohrid city in front of the target group. In practice it exists three phases, separately each phase enables to go deeply in the core of the positioning the brand, also it allows to go through another.
Segmentation, targeting and positioning it allows us to create certain strategy on the market in which we are in front of the competition and to wrap up our differential preposition on the customer awareness. We as a company which primary goal is successfully to dispose its product must accommodate on the certain customer needs. In order to do so, we must emphatically create allocation on the market on the aspect of potential customers on the smaller homogenous groups in addiction of their needs, following certain criteria and standards.
The first phase of the destination branding process is so called segmentation of the market. This process derives a rational and accurately to accommodate own product – city of Ohrid and all the effort which we make in the marketing according to customer needs or customer demands. To ensure in some way something for everyone in the border of the economy, offering huge number of accommodations in the centre of the city and around for some average price, which will be settled though equilibrium of offer and demand with previously research on the powers on which the affect on the market. Then we should make a allocation on the customers according to specific groups and characteristics id est. are they willing and how much are they prepared to give a share of its available budget for visiting Ohrid, from which age group it has the most turnout in certain...

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