Desulfurization and Denitrification Market Share, Size, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts To 2020

Desulfurization and Denitrification Market Share, Size, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts To 2020

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Research and Development Forecast of China's Desulfurization and Denitrification Industry, 2015-2020, mainly analyzes the status quo of domestic market, supply and demand, competition pattern of Desulfurization and Denitrification industry and operation of key enterprises in China, also provides suggestions and decision-making references for enterprise planning to understand this industry or invest in this field.

In respect of market operation, according to plan, by 2015, the amount of thermal power generation will hit 5.12 trillion Kwh, assume that the generation loads of denitrification units that have been operated equal other ones, the units newly-built and renovated for denitrification can achieve 40% of load operation for the year and can generate in full load next year, by which we can calculate the total power generation of denitrification units will be about 12.78 trillion kwh during “the 12th five-year, in which, the power generation of the units renovated will be 8.21 trillion kwh and the units newly-built will be 4.58 trillion kwh.

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The operation cost of stock denitrification units issued by State Electricity Regulation Commission is about CNY 1.33 cent/kwh and the newly built units is CNY 1.13 cent/kwh, calculated by which, the market scale in overall will be CNY 160.88 billion, in which, the market scale of stock denitrification units will be CNY 109.13 billion and the newly built units will be CNY 51.75 billion.

With the completion of denitrification work during “the 12th five-year” period, the operated denitrification units will usher the peak of operation market, it is predicted that the market scale will hit CNY 84.92 billion by 2020 and the total market volume will hit CNY 375.7 billion during the 13th five-year period.

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