August 1884-april 1885
It was 1:30 in the morning. I had not slept in two days. I took some uppers to keep me awake. I had to find him and make sure little Beth was safe. He had taken her yesterday morning. We got the call an hour later. She was missing from school. The evidence was written all over the girl's bathroom. Drying blood splattered on the wall. Her jacket, ripped, was thrown into a toilet. While I stood in the middle of the scene yesterday I pictured her screaming and fighting. This was his fourth one. He kidnaps them and takes them somewhere to torture them. The other three were found dead 24 hours later. We would find them in dumpsters all cut up and bruised. Their death was not pleasant. The oldest girl was 12 and that was little Beth. I would find her if it was the last thing I did.

I am a detective, a damn good one. I work alone and I work long hours. I've been on this guy for the past six months. I have gone through his leftovers and scrimmaged for evidence. I found nothing. He was good at what he did. I would put a stop to that.

I got the call an hour ago. There was a small warehouse that had suspicious activity in it. A man walked inside with a long black bag in his arms. I would check it out. This could be the man. This could be my chance to save precious little Beth.

I was standing outside the warehouse with my gun cocked. I wasn't going to take any chances. I peered into a window. The warehouse was empty. There was one single light on in the middle if the room. It barely gave off any light. I couldn't see anything. I would have to go inside. There was no noise. I couldn't even tell if the girl was alright.

I walked through a side door. No one seemed to notice. I hid in the shadows looking for Beth. Where could he have taken her? That's when I heard the small whimper. It sounded like a girl. I followed the noise and came upon a chair. Beth was tied up to it. She looked horrible. Her face was puffed up and bruised. Chunks of hair...

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