Determined in Identifying and Acheiving Goals

Determined in Identifying and Acheiving Goals



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IPSM Assignment-1

Mr. X

First let us consider Mr. X. He is my, uncle and, teacher at my high school. He is the head of chemistry of my school. Though I hate the subject to the core, I can’t ignore the classes took by her.

X is talented, active, friendly, non-aggressive, diplomatic and charismatic. He is determined in identifying and achieving his goals. He is a perfectionist and can identify and understand everything very easily. He has a wide knowledge in all possible things happening around. He enjoys teaching and he continuously learns new things at a faster rate than anyone can imagine. He is not bored with repetitive works. He is a natural communicator but keeps herself in limit at needed times. He will gather enough support information. He is flexible and energetic. He always maintains a clear job description. He needs help in making sound decisions in matters other than his job. He has a wide knowledge in all surroundings, so he tends to take in lots of options and will not be taking a firm decision even in easy situation.

X will analyze the negative comments at work and will attempt to win others to his point of view. He will seek clearly defined guidelines, responsibilities and objectives. Public recognition is important to this highly people-oriented individual. And personally I ’am sure that there was very less negative comments and he was wildly recognized by everyone at his work place. As a teacher, its known to all that, they should remember the facts and all details associated with the subject. To have such knowledge, X used to have an early morning session every day to study his subjects, the parts he is going to take that particular day, etc. In other matters outside job area, he will show his full interest in knowing the full details. He motivates himself and others to work more, to learn more.

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