Developing Effective Teams Through Conflict Resolution Strategies

Developing Effective Teams Through Conflict Resolution Strategies


Conflict Resolution Strategies

Oluwatosin Odubela

Conflict resolution strategies

An effective team is a group of people (with varying character and dispositions) that agree to work and think together towards a goal, being guided by predetermined norms or rules or cohered by circumstances, whose results justify the union. Based on differences in backgrounds and interests, team members are sometimes involved with conflicts that may be beneficial to the team objectives or otherwise. The Purpose of the paper is to examine possible areas of conflicts that may influence a team’s performance towards achieving its goals. The paper, a week Six assignment for the Meritus University Course Effective Communication for Business Professionals, is being developed as a fulfillment of my academic obligation for week Seven.
Teams are known to undergo conflicts generally but are more effective when conflicts are minimized, thus the need to develop conflict resolution strategies. Every team has the potential of running into conflicts. No matter how organized a team is, the possibility of friction may hinder the progress of the team towards meeting the set down objectives.
A team in conflict can easily be recognized by characteristics like apparent chaos or general confusion and inactivity amongst team members.
Apparent Chaos
Lack of coordination, communication or order is usually apparent within a team, when conflict looms. In this instance, the team members are generally disorganized with meetings, assignments and collective goals. A team with this symptom is easily identified with significant team activity but no significant team results. There may be cases of verbal assault, misunderstanding and conflicts arising from ego. The team mates may even be involved with planning, discussions or some form of delegation, but these efforts do not converge to meet the defined team objectives.

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