Developing Montessori Disobedience

Developing Montessori Disobedience

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´╗┐The will of a child begins with the horme when the child did not know what they

are doing, lots of power but no knowledge of the activity which lead the child have no


For example, going up and going down the stairs,throwing an object and putting an

object in their mouth.

Montessori obedience must come from the child self awareness by working with activity

in the environment and not the fear of the adult. There are 3 level of obedience. The

child must have the will of his own before accepting the guidance of an adult.

For a child obeying an adult just means that they are complying to an order.

First Level of Obedience

Child obey occasionally,normally child aged below 3 years.Obedience depending on

the child process of development.Means the child may be able to carry out a task at

one time and at another time.the child can complete his work faster and at other times,

his /her attention may not be there, due to lack of skill and lack of control.

Once the child is concious,the child could know when they can control.Once knowledge

is given to the child,the will power will come in repeated activity, e.g spooning from bowl

to bowl,pouring from jug to jug. It teaches the child to be patient,so the child can

control.With the will,it will give a good control of child upbringing.The child mind is still

absorbent but the will of unconcious bring up the conciousness appear.With the ability

to control his/her action,the child learn to say no and he/she know what he/she want

and trying to get thing done in his/her own will as the child curiosity lead them to

motivating themselves.Since the conciousness set in, the teacher can guide the child by

prepare the environment.With the right apparatus material,it will bring the unconcious

to conciousness, for example zipping and pegging and other practical life material.

Showing on how the activity and show the child the the way of using...

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