Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner

Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner

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Explaining the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective HR practitioner
1.1 Introduction
In this first section, you will introduce yourself to what is happening in the world of HR and in the UK in particular. You will, for example, look at the thoughts of Peter Cheese – the Chief Executive of the CIPD – on the future of HR.
Later you will start to build your understanding of CIPD’s Professional Map, which has evolved from significant research with a range of people in a variety of roles across different sectors. The Map provides an up-to-date and accurate resource for aspiring practitioners like you, HR Departments, academics and whole businesses as a basis for reviewing, planning and assessing progress. In fact, your whole programme has HR Profession Map elements woven throughout it.
Let’s start with a little bit of background to provide some context to the Map.
The HR role that you perform or are aspiring to would be recognisable to a personnel person from decades ago. However, HR practitioners are involved in broader activities today – in short, the profession has moved on; therefore we need to make sure that our skills, knowledge and behaviours have developed appropriately too.
Exercise your brain #1
(time estimate: no longer than 5 minutes)
Why do you think HR practitioners need to develop themselves? Jot down at least four reasons below.

- Because they need to be able to feel comfortable in an organizational environment.
- Because they need to have the knowledge to provide the correct advise.
- Education at different levels give them the chance to empower communication,
- Because improving their attitudes they will be able to motivate others and develop their talents.

Thinking about the future, complete the activity below.
Exercise your brain #2
(time estimate: no longer than 10 minutes)
Provide an example of both a skill and a knowledge area that you consider you will need to develop in over the next year...

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