Development Mexico

Development Mexico

Why Mexico has not been able to develop a comprehensive scientific research program? What are the main hurdles and obstacles in the educational system? What policy strategies might help Mexico to overcome its deficiencies in this area?

In Mexico, sadly we have only a small fraction of researchers compared to, per say the U.S. This lack of researches is due to many factors, most of them are directly attributed to certain characteristics, or barriers, or even deficiencies of the Mexican government, it’s not that there aren’t very many Mexican researchers, it’s that they don’t stay in Mexico.

The first and most evident reason to me is that foreign states or companies offer better pay, a better standard of life, and certainly many more other opportunities for researchers to develop their capabilities or even achieve scientific or scholarly breakthroughs.

The second most evident reason is that foreign companies or governments invest more capital on research and have the possibility of “scouting” for talent throughout third world countries where they can find capable individuals, who are very willing to accept positions in other countries where they will live with a much higher standard of living.

Third is that the Mexican government does not offer the facilities which are needed for proper scientific research, in consequence to this sad fact most researchers in Mexico hit a point of stagnation where they end up teaching or working in positions way under their capabilities.

The Mexican government will in some cases offer to pay for a students education, this education is in many cases given by an institution abroad, The problem that we can see here is that Mexico is not offering enough incentives or applying consequences harsh enough for professionals to want to return to Mexico.

Another reason that causes researchers to leave is the lack of certain aspects essential to the development of new products, this can be investors, but mainly here I focus...

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