DeVry GSCM 520 Complete Course

DeVry GSCM 520 Complete Course

DeVry GSCM 520 Complete Course

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Substantiate the Importance of Operations and Supply Chain Management (graded)
What is operations and supply chain management?

Competitive Dimensions of Operations and Supply Chain Strategies (graded)
What are the competitive dimensions and specific parameters of operations and supply chain strategies?


Forecast Planning for Supply Chain Management (graded)
Does forecasting sometimes seem to be a little like magic? Where do all these plans and figures come from? In this week’s lesson, we learn about developing forecasts to predict materials, resources, and services. Why is forecasting so strategically important for operations and supply chains? Give examples of current forecasts you use at work or at home.

Strategic Capacity Management (graded)
How important is it to manage capacity for operations and supply chains? Is managing capacity different in manufacturing companies versus a service organization? Exactly how do we plan capacity within these organizations?


Quality Management and Six Sigma (graded)
Discuss how quality is measured and explain the different dimensions of quality.

Lean Supply Chains (graded)
Define lean production and explain the advantages companies can obtain using lean methods and principles in the supply chains.


Manufacturing Processes (graded)
Explain the production process and describe the different types of process designs.

Service Processes (graded)
Explain the characteristics of service processes and how they are different from manufacturing processes.

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