Devry HIST 415 Final Exam - Updated

Devry HIST 415 Final Exam - Updated

Devry HIST 415 Final Exam - Updated

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Question 1.1. (TCO 6) What common name was given by Sir Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, to describe a beginning threat to the world order? (Points : 5)
The Danger on the Horizon
The Avoidable Crisis
The Bamboo Curtain
The Iron Curtain
Fear Itself

Question 2.2. (TCOs 6, 10) President Eisenhower used a metaphorical figure of speech to describe the danger of Communism. That metaphor was what? (Points : 5)
... moving like a freight train
... an evil empire
... like a thief in the night
... be swept away by the red tide of communism
... fall like dominoes

Question 3.3. (TCO 9) The Tet Offensive began on January 30, 1968. Why was it called by that name? (Points : 5)
The name "Tet" celebrates a historic resistance victory over Chinese invaders in the 14th Century.
The name "Tet" refers to the lunar new year in Vietnamese culture, and the lunar new year began on that date.
"Tet" was the region where the first assaults were made.
"Tet" was a major strategic goal of the National Liberation Front forces.
"Tet" refers to the seasonal change that occurs right after the monsoon rains.

Question 4.4. (TCO 8) What colloquial term was used in The Great War to describe the effects of what was later given the clinical name post-traumatic stress disorder? (Points : 5)
Shell shock
Crippling anxiety
Critical incident stress disorder
Homecoming maladjustment
Interrupted maturity development

Question 5.5. (TCO 1, 9) Choose the title of the classic military warfare book written by Carl von Clausewitz, in which the term "fog of war" was coined. (Points : 5)
Brothers in Arms
The Gallic Wars
On War
The Peloponnesian War
The Third Reich...

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